About Florence Nursing College

Florence College of Nursing has instituted itself to cater the need of growing demand for better and efficient nurses today and in days to come it is established in the academic year 2003-04.

The college is built up in 3.05 acres of land with superb infrastructure on the N.H.33 of Ranchi–Patna Road opposite to Abdur Razzaque Ansari Memorial Weavers Hospital (ApolloHospitals Group), IRBA, Ranchi. Florence College of Nursing is committed to offering development and learning opportunities to its students.

Here the students will have access to extra training and be given every opportunity to progress with the organization. The student receive annual personal development review and development plan to support their career progress. The students are encouraged to extend their range of skills and knowledge and takeon new responsibilities moreover the highly experienced faculty members coupled with high profile visiting doctors add some new feather to our student's cap.

Our Objectives

  • To provide high standards of education by adopting holistic approach.

  • To prepare a professional & committed nurse and midwife.

  • To Demonstrate awareness and skills required in the nursing process in the provision of health care to patients. They will be competent to:-

  • Assess the nursing needs of individuals, families and community through out life, from birth to death.

  • Plan appropriate action to meet their need through competent nursingcare.

  • Work with other members of health team and community inpromotion of health, prevention of illness, restoration of health and rehabilitation.

Opportunities in Nursing

Many people's conception of nursing is limited to "caring for frail or sick old people in a home or hospital ward" It is true that more nurses than ever are needed to provide that type of care. But many nursing specialities and careers can take you beyond. Nurse midwives, help deliver babies and help women to stay healthy and avoid complications during and after pregnancy perinatal also known as neonatal or obstetric nurses monitor and care for women before, while, and after they deliver babies. Peri operative nurses assist before, during and after surgery. Public health nurses attempt to keep entire communities as healthy as possible by preventing and controlling the spread of disease and the incidence of environmental related health problems, as well as by educating people how to maintain their well-ness. They are employer by community organisations ranging in size from camps and schools to city health departments. They are recruited at Government Hospitals & Private Nursing Homes and Individual home, big organisations to look after their employee. They can also make their independent services in their particular areas. And they all make them earn both money as well as social reputation thus. Nursing has a great opportunity ahead. So get start get going.

Director's Message

Despite our efforts to prevent and relieve it, there is still terrible amount of suffering in the world. While the rates of illness and death from infectious disease and malnutritionhave gone down in developed countries, the same ratesfrom Cancer and circulatory disease have risen. Geneticdefects, accident and violence take their toll. Populationdensity makes the impact of natural disasters worse than itonce was. Although medical Science has helped us toachieve longer life span, we often require medicalassistance to live through those extra years. As much as we need doctors, there isalso a need for nurses to work with patients and translate doctor's recommendations into real health improvement or pain relief.

Digital Classroom

Nursing college not only prepare you for a great and financially rewarding career they also give you the knowledge and skills you need to makedifference in people’s lives. This can take place in hospital, hospice, doctor’soffice, school, camp nursing home, or patient’s residence. "I want to make theworld a better place" might be a cliché, but there are few better ways to do it thatis by studying and practicing nursing.

Principle's Message

  • FLORENCE COLLEGE OF NURSING, Irba is an or ganization which has been constantly striving towards excellence.

  • The college has an attractive and well mentioned infrastructure having well equipped class rooms and laboratories.

  • We are having highly experienced and M.Sc. degree holder faculty members and also having high profile visiting Doctor's & lecturers to add some new feather to our student cap.

  • The or ganisation of f on or ganize dif ferent type of extra curricular activities to shine the students talent.

  • The excepted performance shows the students and or ganizations excellence the previous record of reports shows that students got state first, second & third always & 90% students got distinction in JNRC exam.

  • The experiences enable our students to develop a good attitude, knowledge & practice of commendable standard.

  • The placement of our student has been all over India. However the future of the college depends on students sucess.